Thursday, October 24, 2013

Duct tape obsessed

I have found a new craft, as if I needed another one! lol
I'm a mess, but this is so fun and I love how functional it is.

  This is a small clutch purse, the photo above shows the back, there is a small zip lock pouch there.
 The front flap is secured with a velcro closure.  All sticky is covered so none of your things will get stuck in the crevices. 
 I added a card pocket inside that will hold at least 3 cards, ID, credit card...
 This is what the inside of the zip lock pouch looks like on the back.

I've made several styles of wallet but this is my favorite, I will post more in a future post.
 This was a special order request from a friend. She is giving these to her co-workers for Christmas.  I love that idea, you always worry about picking things for people that they don't already have, well you can be pretty sure this will be a one of a kind gift.

 I do take special orders, you can message me here or on face book.

My dad asked me for a pouch to carry with him to keep his daily receipts in.  He's had a plastic one for years and it's starting to deteriorate.  I hope this one lasts him for many years.
 There is a font at that has the automotive logos, I cut the Ford logo in vinyl then applied it to the duct tape.
There is a real zipper closure, nice and secure.  I chose this color because my dad has a 1986 Ford F150 that he loves, this is the color of the truck, and he also has a van that is close to this color.  
He loves it! (pat on the back, good daughter points)

So, I'd love to hear if you've ever made anything OR if you'd like me to make you some.

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