Friday, November 22, 2013

Creative Kuts!

I am getting back into my swing, I hope, I need my crafting time or I'd end up in a padded cell, banging my head against the wall!
Seriously, with a retired husband who has no hobbies or interests and a very active 4 year gets a little intense around here.  It's fabulous to come into my space and get lost for a bit, even if it's only for 30 minutes uninterrupted I value that time greatly.

 This was the weekly free file last week, how fun is this?  A packet of hot chocolate and some candy canes along with a gift card would make a fabulous gift!  I know I'd love a gift like this, great for teachers, co workers or those mom's you may want to get to know better at your child's class...or a neighbor.

And, I'm getting to share a sneak peak with you! Ha! How special are you?  These will be coming soon to the Creative Kuts family!
I love this guy as well,  This is another idea for a great "little something" gift.  Sweet right?

This is a fun one to play with, it can be made as I did, a photo frame, or add some foam tape between the layers and create a fun shaker box.

This is like the snowman card above, I love this idea, really fun to put together too.


MaryEllen said...

love them all great work

Creative Kuts said...

I am so blessed to have you a part of our team. Your work is fabulous.