Friday, December 6, 2013

25 days of Christmas~kid's craft

Day 6

Today I am sharing the first Christmas project my 4 year old did so far this year.
 Love the concentration! She's a real professional.
 The first card she made had to be hand delivered to Santa.  This is the first year she's not been afraid of him and she's visited him half a dozen times.
 This is our new tradition Randal the messenger reindeer.  His job is to create the naughty and nice list.  He's been hanging out with us each day and reporting back to Santa.  He brought Em the card kit as his first day introduction.
This picture is pure joy! 2 bottles of loose glitter! Yup, I started her young!  (we are still cleaning up glitter in case you were wondering)
 She did most of the decorating of the tree from 3 feet down to the base.
 She said this card was staying simple, lol, she listens to me talk about my stuff and retains a lot.
 This snowman took her forever, I actually got bored watching she was being so precise and careful.
 Using a straight pin to pull up the paper to expose the adhesive.  I did the first card then she informed me that wasn't necessary, she could do it herself.
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of her Santa card before we delivered it! (sad face) 
I have a lot of fun with my girl, she gets carried away easily (who doesn't when it comes to bling?)

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Donna K said...

I seriously cracked up at Emily in that photo with the big eyes…cutest little munchkin ever!! Happy Holidays crafty girls!