Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fairy Jar

Decorate To Celebrate!

It's time again!!  
Today I'm sharing a simple but fun card. Have you seen the fairy jars people are making using a mason jar?  Well, that's the idea behind this card.
I added a green jingle bell in with the flowers so Tink can make her signature sound.

 I used my glitter gel pen to add movement marks, but it's so hard to photograph that.


Chriss America Real said...

Oh I am in love! What a clever idea! I love the jingle bell too, so clever!



mamawcindy said...

I am planning on making my Grand Daughter a fairy mason jar for her birthday and I am loving your card. I would love to make a card something like this to go with her gift. Thanks for the Inspiration. Glad I stopped by. Happy Day to You!

Scrapper69 said...