Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Anniversary and Birthday celebration

Large post, I hope you hang in through the end!

On the 8th, we celebrated my parents' 50th wedding anniversary and my dad's 70th birthday!
The big days are just a few days apart so I am posting the projects together!

I made this sign for my dad, I found the sign at Hobby Lobby, all finished, I just had to add the vinyl.
My dad is a wonderful craftsman so I wanted something professional looking for him to hang in his work shop.

 The red vinyl is glitter! I had to get that in there some how.

For their anniversary gift, I created this sign.  It's on a canvas that's 12 by 16,
I got the idea from Pinterest.

This is their card I made for them.  It's pretty simple, a file I found on the SIL site. I love it! The gold is so shiney!  This is paper I found at the Dollar Tree!! It's wonderful!

I also made 2 cups for them to use at the party.  We used mason jars in the decor so I thought these mugs were great!

 For my dad's birthday card, I wanted something different, I mean 70 is a pretty big deal I think!
He's a burger fan, so I used the cool box card from SVG cuts.
I changed the layers to make it a double burger because my dad does not eat tomatoes and I left off the onion because he HATES them! lol

Emily made this card for the Anniversary.  She made a tent and a camp fire, all cut by hand.
She is so creative! I would never attempt a free hand project, she goes in head first and you can always tell what she's made.  That little rectangle on the side of the tent is a lantern.
 I had to share the inside too, she drew out her design there.
So proud of my creative girl!

I had seen this saying on Pinterest and Emily thought is was SO funny.
We HAD to make her Pappa something with it for his work shop.
Since I had already planned the sign, I looked and looked and finally found this square wood box. I thought it would be great for him to use on his counter for whatever.
She picked the colors and helped paint the box. The rest is all vinyl.

The tools are a file from Too Cute by Jessica.

I hope you managed to hang on through this huge post!
I'd love your feedback!

Here are a few photos from the party. It was perfect!


Daffodil Cards said...

He must have been over the moon with his presents and cards.They are wonderful

Scrapper69 said...

Oh WOW! Everything looks Amazing! LOVE the sign and the fun box... that sentiment had me giggling... I bet your dad was too! So glad they loved everything... Handmade is always more special when it comes from the heart and I can see that with each project you made!