Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fair wins!!

If you are on my facebook list then you've already seen these ribbons, I am so proud of myself and never did I ever expect this type of response when I entered my blankets in the county fair.

I picked 3 of my favorite blankets (had to get the lighthouse back from my mom)

This first one is made with the granny squares from Nadia's granny square a day for 2016.
I received a third place ribbon in the category.

I also entered my Christmas graph-gahn from
As you can see I recieved a blue ribbon AND 3rd over all in class.

 And last not least and best of all!!!!!
My lighthouse blanket from got me a blue ribbon, the first in class AND the Fair goers choice ribbons!!
I didn't know that the fair goers could vote on items so it's a huge honor that so many people loved my blanket (mom's blanket, it's back in her possession now)

Now, to find a shadow box to display these in and I'm already working on next year's submissions.

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