Thursday, May 15, 2008

Silver Springs on Mother's Day

On Mother's Day we decided to take Melissa, our daughter in law, and the grandbaby to Silver Springs. My mom is in Colorado, we saw Steve's mom the day before and Justin, the son, is in Iraq. So the 4 of us packed up and headed north. Silver Springs and a beautiful park, it's an amusement park of sorts, not really rides to speak of, glass bottom boats. The springs are where the old Tarzan movies with Johnny Weismiller(sorry if I slaughtered it) were filmed. And more recently the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin filmed parts of his movie there. It was a beautiful day, very windy so it kept us cool. Normally I wouldn't agree to take a 9 month old to an amusement park, but this one is different, it's more calm and not as crowded. So here are some photos from that day. It was a perfect day!

Melissa and Baileigh

A view of the springs through the glass bottom boat. That is the acutal color of the water. The black rectangle in the middle right is a fish. There are some big ones in there. This springs puts out over 500,000 gallons of water a day. I can't even imagine how much water that is. There are numerous springs up and down the river. The water is between 72 and 74 degrees all year long.

Just after Baileigh's first ride! We rode the old fashion carousel. She didn't know what to think of it but, sat on the Rooster and held onto the pole with one hand and her mommy's hand with the other.

She was so good all day. She is a good baby anyway, but you never know, when you drag them around all day, how they will be. She stayed in her stroller most of the day, she likes to hang over the edge and watch the ground roll by.

A sweet little turtle just swimming along.

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