Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spool card


Hey there, I'm sew glad you stopped by today, I'm thrilled to show you this card!
I was surfing around on Pinterest and saw a similar idea and went straight to my awesome design team leader asking her to make a file for me so it would look professional and I wouldn't have to fight with drawing the items like the lady who's card I saw did.  I'm not that good.
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 So, Cheryl got right on it and sent me this file.  She added the pin cushion, her own twist and I love it!!
I wrapped some blue twine around the spool then assembled all the pieces. I used foam dots to attach the pin cushion and it's layers so I could stick real pins in.
I used a brad to put the scissors together so they really open and close and positioned them to look like they are going to cut the banner.  
For the twine, I looped the end through a few strands on the back to secure it then put it through the needle. This way the recipient can remove the twine and use it on one of their projects, along with the pins.

One of the other design teams I am on has a couple of super talented ladies, they sell gorgeous hand made beaded stick pins, adding them to this card would make an amazing crafty gift to a fabulous friend.

Pinque Peacock
This is one of my favorite sets here, click the logo above, it will take you to the face book page and you can shop, let them know I sent you please.


Pink Polka Dot Scrapping said...

Great Job on your card! Love the twine!

Tammy said...

love the pin cushion...I got my gramma's when she passed and it is just like that one. Great Job Marji

Mary Montecalvo said...

Love it Marji and you are right, the stick pins would be awesome! TFS, Mary M

Eva said...

love it Marji, great job!!! This is so flippin cute!!!

Jessica Buffa said...

Marji, this is a darling idea for a card to send to a wonderful friend. I love the tomato pin cushion and it is a bit ironic because I just bought one from the Ben Franklin shop in town last week to use with my pins. Thank you so much for sharing the set you <3 from Pinque Peacock! :)