Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Carrot cake

Carrot Cake from scratch

My husband has started juicing and one day he was juicing carrots I am watching all of this carrot come out of the machine and he tells me it's the waste! Wha?!?
So I say, save it for my I'll make a carrot cake, it's got to work!
And wala! It did.
I made my first ever 100% from scratch cake! Complete with cinnamon cream cheese frosting! I'm so proud of myself and it tastes amazing!!

I had an issue with my piping bag when I was doing the carrots so I got mad and walked away. Never tried to fix them.  But man oh man is this cake GOOD!!!

I have joined the new recipe club from Creative Kuts so I thought since the cake turned out so great I'd make a recipe page for my book.  I used the Sending hugs file making a few sizes of carrots for my page.  I made the title crooked on purpose so it was a little more fun.

Carrot Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing1
Click above if you want the recipe

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poohbear said...

I love your scrapbook cookbook page. It is going to be a great addition to your cookbook.