Friday, April 12, 2013

My little crafter

I am honored to be showcased this week on Deezy Does it! Click above if you aren't familiar with this, it's a great way to get more people to your blog and see great projects!!

My daughter is a crafter at heart like her Mamma! (sigh, so happy)

This is her honorary Pinquette post
She loves making things and LOVES using my stuff even though she's got a big box of her own supplies.
So when I have an oops I usually give it to her to play with and she swipes my ribbons all the time, I have to make sure to put the "good" stuff out of her reach because she helps herself on a regular basis.

She wanted to make an Easter card for her grandparents, her most favorite people in the whole world!
She did this ALL by herself, all I did was help her with the glue dots on the ribbon (to avoid wasting them) and trimmed the edges of the ribbon.

She was named an honorary Pinquette and was sent a package of Pinque Peacock items and oh boy, I should have video taped her when I gave her the package, she loves looking at my items when I get a box and always tries to swipe a few.
The little chick with the egg in it is holding her beads that she received   She is hiding them from me because I told her I wanted them for my collection. :)

Here she is stamping her card, see the yellow card on the right?  That's her daddy's Easter card in the works, she rubbed the ink pad to distress the paper, all her idea!

This is the card she made for Jessica as a thank you for her Pinquette package.  Again all her work, she wanted it to say thank you so I wrote it in pencil and she traced it.  We are still working on her writing skills, she has issues keeping them lined up 

She signed her name, all by herself and got upset because she transposed her L and I but I told her it was ok and it made it more creative, didn't want her to throw her card out.

Here's more of her card to my parents, she added her Pinque felt flower and one of the beads, a butterfly.  You can see the glue, we had to let it dry for a couple of days before she finished thanks to the FL humidity.

This is what she did on the inside, she loved the peep bunny stamp.

And the back, she wrote her name with the card upside down and you can see her issue with writing the letters in the right way, lol  she's gotten pretty good with stamping.
I'm SO proud.
P.S. for Heather Lynn a fellow Pinquette, it was a coincidence she has on owl pj's ;)

Now, today starts the monthly
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Peacock Hugs

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Donna K said...

Marji! You are the cutest thing!!! I love following your posts on FB and now am such a fan of your blog. Your tiny Pinquette is adorable! Happy Friday my dear! ~Donna K

KathyB said...

Oh how I wish I had been crafting when my kids were little! What a joy to share this with her. She is so talented and so dang cute! Thanks for this post, I love everything she did! Love ya girl!

Vanessa said...

Your blog is awesome, What a joy to share all this with her!!
Happy Friday!!
Pimp out showcase

SusieScrapper said...

Emily is jut the cutest little crafter and am proud to say that she's an Honorary Pinquette!!!


Jessica Buffa said...

Emily is such a wonderful crafter. We would be delighted to have her Guest Post for us as our Honorary Pinquette any time! I absolutely love my Thank You Card and adore all the personal touches you put into it. THANKS EMILY! HUGS SWEET PEA! Thank you for sharing such a great post. I love seeing Young Artists playing with their imagination and sharing it...early start is good!