Thursday, August 1, 2013

Keep off my COKE!

 I am having so much fun with Vinyl and these Dollar General tumblers, when ever I go into the store I look for the cups, I've got a good stock pile going.  But I really need to either stop making them or start selling them because my cabinet is full!
On one of my SIL group sites a generous lady posted a file she made for her coffee.  I kept her lettering and traced the Coke logo for the center then created the Hands Off for the back myself.
I added little gems for the dots on the I's and for the dots on the exclamation points because it's a girl's cup! lol
Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to know if you've gotten into the vinyl craze, what have you vinyled?
So far, I've done cups, my front door, a mirror, my gas tank cover on the truck and have 2 more images to add to the windows on the truck!

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