Friday, December 27, 2013

Rainbow loom band type bracelets

This is hopefully a post to help me clear out some inventory.  I have been making bracelets like crazy, working out different color combos and different designs.
 I'd love to sell these so I can make room for more, lol
If you'd like to purchase, please comment with the number (or letter) of what you want and let me know which photo it's from, leave me your email address so we can get payment through pay pal set up.
 The price is $2 each, up to 3 bracelets or key chains will be $1 each for shipping.  Once you get to $3 shipping that will max it out.  So if you buy 3 items the cost will be $12, if you buy 5 items the cost will be $13. Make sense?

The bracelets in the photo below are $3 each, they take a lot more bands.  Still $1 each for shipping up to a max of $3.  

This is a share of one of the ornaments I made this year.  I created the flowers to use as embellishments on projects, I painted the paper mache' star a pearl pink then just glued the flower to the center and added a bow with some gorgeous 3 Girl Jam ribbon.


Donna K said... do everything in such a BIG've gone crazy creative with these little loom crafts! Love how you put so much into your crafting. You're such a special lady!!

Deborah Adams said...

Wow, these are neat!! I bought my daughter a Loom from Michaels and she started selling them too. :D I really like the flower ring.