Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sequin container

 There are 2 wood grain stacks now from DCWV, I LOVE them,  lol, what don't I love right?  This one is really neat, it's mostly kraft and metalic gold, lots of wood grain and a nautical theme.
 I finally broke down and bought a bag of sequins, I've been resisting the craze, well, when I got home with them, I discovered just how many were in that bag (deceiving looking bag) I realized I needed something to put them in.  So I went through my SIL folder and found this cool box.  It's supposed to have dividers but I left them out, decided I didn't have the strength to separate colors.
 This is a big box too! It's about 6 inches in diameter.  I poked 4 holes in the top in a square, cut 6 lengths of twine and braided them then inserted them in the holes securing with knots in the back.

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Donna K said...

I broke down and went with the craze too, Marji!! I found the same thing when I opened that little bag of sequins...an entire jar full! Your box is much, much cuter...great idea!