Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas love mail

I decided to do things a little different this year with my daughter for the Christmas count down fun.  The last few years we had Randall the reindeer visiting her daily bringing messages and little gifts from Santa.
Now that she can read I decided to created something from me for her to look forward to, Santa can have Christmas morning, I want the rest of the month! ;)

When I saw this file I knew I would make it for Emily, just originally planned on it being for Valentine's day.

So I pulled out one of my fun bright Christmas paper stacks and made a fun set of cards that any 6 year old Princess would approve of.

My advice is when you make this, reinforce the lid.  It's perforated so it bends and it broke right off after a few times of her opening it.  So I reattached it with clear packing tape.
I will write her a little note and put the card in her mail box each Monday until Christmas.  If the mail box holds up it will be a great little surprise for her through the year.  She told me that she cried a little when she read my first note which of course made me cry a bit too!

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Scrapper69 said...

Oh how CUTE! What a great idea for the little ones! :) Have a wonderful Holiday!

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