Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas ornaments

I've been making ornaments like crazy! I'm having so much fun!

These first ones I saw online and had to try them.  They are cut from Coke cans.  I'll be making these all year I think, I just love them.

These are little fairy dresses, it's a file from the SIL store.  It's supposed to be a card but I shrunk them down to about 3 inches to make ornaments for Emily's tree she has in her room.
I'll have to make more of these too, for my main tree.  So many possibilities here with color combos and glitter, flowers...

This is one I've been thinking about making since May.  Emily was given the tassel when she graduated from Pre-K and this immediately came to mind.  I think I saw it originally on Pinterest, not sure.  But I cut vinyl and layered it on the ornament and added some little blue gems for sparkle. Then just shoved the tassel into the ornament and looped the hang cord through the metal hook on the ornament! Done! So fast and so cool!

I made this cute card for a sweet little girl I just learned about thanks to Facebook.
Her name is Safyre, (pronounced Sapphire).  She's an amazing little girl who was the soul survivor of an arson fire a few years ago.  She lost her father and 3 siblings in the blaze along with one of her hands and a foot.  She is a testament to the word fight and her Aunt posted a photo asking for Christmas cards to be sent to her.  I spent hours on her page reading about her and looking at her photos.  This little girl touched me deeply, so I found the cutest little tree I could find and made her super happy and cheery.  I hope Safyre gets a smile from her!
If you'd like to learn more about Safyre, her face book page is here.

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