Saturday, May 21, 2016

Crochet Granny square catch up

 I got so far behind on my Granny Square a day with Nadia, I had to buckle down and catch up!
I have just been grabbing random yarn colors or using similar colors to what Nadia used on her sample and I realized I wasn't getting anything that would match well enough to make into a blanket.  I also was keeping them in daily order, I don't know why, just my OCD I guess.  
 But as you can see, They are really random, which drove me crazy when I realized what I had done.  So I pulled out all of my yarn and decided on 2 different color schemes moving forward.

 I really like the yellow and green together, reminds me of Daffodils.
And the 2 purples, green and tan are gorgeous!
 I also decided to use the yellow and green scheme for more linear or geometric looking squares and the purples, green and tan for more floral looking squares. I love how it's turning out now.
They will be gorgeous blankets when I get enough made.
I also sorted the other squares into like color groups and am really trying to not let myself go back and remake some, lol, it's driving me nuts, seriously.  My brain is not handling the chaos well. 

 Anyway, moving on, lol, I've been having so much fun and I have learned so much from Nadia I felt comfortable enough to start reading patterns.  The unicorn was super cool.  My sister had requested a giraffe for a baby shower gift but I didn't have a pattern, well, this one showed up in an email so I thought I'd try him.  He's super cute!!

 He was a challenge too, he's pretty small, about 12 inches tall.  He's not perfect by any means, but I think he's pretty darn cute!  

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