Saturday, July 22, 2017

Simply Betty

I've got 2 cards to share with you today.
I thought I'd share them in one post since they are very similar.

Betty is such a talented artist. I just love her images. I feel my coloring doesn't do them justice.

This first one was a draw along type contest. She asked for prompts from us and she would draw, and those of us who played along were gifted the finished product.
I'm happy with her, she reminds me of what Emily could look like as a teenager.

 For the easel, I put foam tape across the top then glued the bottom, I fell when using thin paper this is a more sturdy easel.

The second card is an easel shaker! 
This was a free image as well, she's so generous!
This shell paper is my favorite and I picked another paper that looks like water for the backing of the shaker.

 Inside I filled with with sequin stars, tiny red flowers for a pop of color and some shiney glitter and some tiny beads in dark blue and silver.
It's so shiney and makes a great sound.

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Connie Wallenbrock said...

Wow! these are so pretty!!