Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New duct tape wallet

First of all, Merry Merry Christmas!!!!  I hope you have a fabulous day, get lots of love and hugs from family and friends.  Don't eat too much. 

Did you know the Duck brand duct tape has a website and a club? I'm such a geek, but you can see all the patterns and colors there, find where to buy them and look up projects.
I found this project there, I created 3 strips of tape, using snow men, gingerbread men and red.  I then created a gold bow.  To attach the clothes pins, I cut small slits in the tape strips, slid them in and taped them on the back to secure.  Doesn't hold many cards but it seems that each year I get fewer and fewer, so it will work.  I think it's really cool and I may make an every day version and keep some of my favorite photos on it and some of the cards I make through out the year to display.

 I saw the red and white polka dots out of the corner of my eye walking through Lowes one day and had to have it! It's a Scotch brand not Duck.
Don't ask why, but I thought the zebra and the polka dots would be fabulous together and as I was making it decided on adding the gold.
I think it is fabulous!! What do you think?

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Donna K said...

LOVE these!! Is there any craft you haven't tried, lady?!! Duck tape card holder…who knew such a thing would be so cute!!